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Located in the gateway of the UK’s Lake District, Whitby Knives are routed in the passion for all things outdoor.

Camping, hunting, fishing, survival. Wood To Water stocks Whitby products to provide customers with quality blades with a beautiful finish, perfect for bushcraft and survival enthusiast. Read More

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Why Whitby Knives?

Whitby Knives are designed with style and efficiency in mind. We believe they offer some of the best knives on the market and stock a range of Whitby blades with unique features so customers can easily tailor their hunting and bushcraft equipment to their every need.

Whitby's Pocket, Locking and Multipurpose Knives

We stock Whitby products for the highest quality, most practical and most attractive knives. The Whitby Kent Pocket Knife is lightweight with a lanyard hole for improved accessibility. Legal for use in the UK, this knife makes light work of any survival tasks whilst the Multipurpose tool prepares for every task.

Whitby Survival Axes

A Whitby axe is a hunter-gatherer's go-to. Stainless steel with a black oxide finish, the Camping Axe is a handy sidekick with a perfectly balanced weight, textured rubber grip and nail remover in a sleek and stylish finish.


Are Whitby blades legal in the UK?
Providing blades are non-locking and under 3 inches, they are legal to carry in the UK. Our Whitby range stocks a number of options to prepare you for your next UK-based hunting or fishing trip.
Are knives safe to carry?
Whitby folding knives are the safest knives to carry. Blades disappear neatly into the handle for secure transport. Lanyard holes make knives accessible for easy access and safe withdrawal.
Who makes a good folding knife?
Whitby knives are made with durable materials and a sleek finish, providing practical equipment for all bushcraft or survival needs. Multi-tool blades are perfect for helping campers prepare for their every need.