True Utility

As an avid traveller Lee Berman had converted a 45 seater vintage bus into a mobile hostel, fitted with seats that folded into beds and fully equipped with all manner of camping essentials. It was his very own massive multi-tool on wheels!

But this mobile setup was too cumbersome for his growing minimalist tastes. He parked up the bus and set off on foot with only a backpack… Soon this also proved to be too bulky, and he shed this too, choosing to simply wrap a change of clothes, a notebook and a pen knife inside a sleeping bag that he’d slung over his shoulder tied with a belt. Living light with just the bare essentials was a liberating and joyful feeling. “Make sure you’re prepared, but not by carrying too much”.

A combination of ingenuity and a passion for all things small and multi-use has driven Lee to develop products that are as small and useful as possible.