Stock up on all your outdoor food for your next trip with our range of Trek'n Eat freeze-dried meals. These ready-made meals are ideal for camping, hiking, trekking, boating…whatever your adventure is! Just add water, and you'll have a delicious meal made in no time.

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Trek'n Eat is one of the most popular camping brands for freeze-dried meals, offering convenient, nutritious and delicious food for every outdoor experience – and Wood To Water offers a fantastic product range for you to choose from!

Whether you’re looking for a breakfast to kickstart your day of exploration or a hearty evening feast to fill you up, we have Trek'n Eat products that'll satisfy your needs (and tastebuds!).

These high calories food packs are 'All Natural', so there are no preservatives, colourants or flavour-enhancing additives, and they have a shelf-life of up to 3 years. Simply add hot water to your meal, and you’ll have a tasty, fulfilling dish ready to eat in no time.

Our range includes meat, vegetarian and vegan options, so no matter what your dietary preferences are, there's something here for you!

Shop the Trek'n Eat range at Wood To Water today, and make sure your next meal on the trail is delicious and nutritious!


How long can I keep Trek'nEat Meals?

Trek'n Eat meals have a shelf life of 3 years. After this time, you shouldn't consume them - just refresh your stock with the range of freeze-dried meals from Wood To Water's range!

What is the best food to bring for camping?

Freeze-dried meals are really convenient for camping, hiking and trekking as they're easy to prepare, have a long shelf life and provide you with all the nutrition you need. Trek'n Eat offers excellent products that are tasty, nutritious and ready in minutes – they're the favourite of many campers!

How do I prepare Trek'nEat meals?

Just add hot water! Use your camping stove to boil water, and add a little water to the food pouch. Give it a stir and serve it up on a plate, in a bowl, or eat straight from the bag.

Are all Trek'n Eat products suitable for vegetarians?

Not every product is suitable for vegetarians. But Trek'n Eat does have specific veggie-friendly options, like the Garden Vegetable Risotto. Be sure to look out for the vegetarian label!

Do freeze-dried meals have any nutritional value?

Yes! Freeze-dried meals actually hold their nutritional and mineral values very well, making them perfect for camping trips and outdoor adventures. Trek'n Eat meals are packed with carbohydrates, proteins and fats that'll fuel your body and give you the energy you need.