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Light makes anything possible. It’s a symbol of hope and innovation. It’s also a daily necessity for everyone from backpackers to firefighters. For over 40 years, Princeton Tec has pushed the limits of possibility with reliable, durable lights that shine bright in every situation.

We first supplied the U.S. military with underwater strobe lights for Navy SEAL training swims. Today, we create both standard and custom products for law enforcement, first responders, military and other everyday heroes. From MPLS task lights to compact headlamps, these lights need to perform in even the most demanding environments – every single time. We take pride in serving the people who make our world a safer place.

We’re not saying you should ditch the instructions that come with your favourite Princeton Tec lights, but we do try to create easy-to-use products – like the Sync, which features a simple dial interface. Our designers and engineers sweat every little detail. They push to ensure the controls are straightforward and intuitive, and the components work seamlessly. Once you’ve experienced our products, using a Princeton Tec light should feel like coming home.

From the very beginning, we’ve chosen to use engineering-grade materials and name brand components, including the batteries. Our polycarbonate plastic is the same material used to make motorcycle helmets, bulletproof glass and aircraft windshields. It’s virtually indestructible. Our lights can take a beating, but they won’t crack or break. We also create lights with chemical and UV resistance for customers who are working in extreme and hazardous conditions.

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