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Opinel has been producing quality pocket knives since 1890. Their 130 years of popularity are due to the durable and quality materials used to craft their camping tools. Our range of Opinel knives and accessories will make the perfect addition to your camping kit.

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Why Choose Opinel Knives?

When inventing the famous Opinel pocket knife, Joseph Opinel found a way to perfectly marry simplicity with the beauty of the French Alps to create the ideal pocket knives for everyday use.

Not only does an
Opinel knife come with 130 years of history, but it's also pretty cool to have in your kit. The Alpine sheath is a stylish way to keep your blade close and safe, while the No. 8 Black Oak knife makes you feel like a survivor out in the elements.

High-Quality Camping Tools

At Wood To Water, we have an excellent selection of camping and hunting knives and accessories from Opinel Knives, designed to help you hunt and craft your way to the perfect camping trip.

Our range includes
classic pocket knives, sheaths, maintenance kits and much more. Everything you need for a successful camping experience!

All Opinel knives have been tested to ensure they withstand the harshest camping conditions, and with recognition in the
Phaidon Design Classics collection as one of the 999 most successful designs ever made, you know you can't go wrong with these knives.

We stock various Opinel knife sizes, from the smallest No. 2 size to the biggest No. 12 size, so you can find the perfect size for your camping needs.

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What Are the Must-Have Tools for Camping?
There are a few things you need to have in your kit to make your camping trip a fun and comfortable experience. One of the most important things to have, besides your tenting equipment, is a trusty blade. It can help with repairs and creating comfortable sleeping areas. You also need a heat source for cooking and some warm, comfortable clothing.
Are Opinel Knives Legal in the UK?
Yes, all Opinel Knives in our range are legal in the UK. For locking blades over three inches, you need to have a lawful reason for carrying it. The rest of your camping kit will be enough to prove you have a lawful reason if you're stopped.
Can Opinel Knives Get Wet?
Yes, they can. A camping knife wouldn't be much use if it couldn't get wet, but there is a stipulation. Try to avoid soaking the handle of the knife in water to avoid the wood splitting. If the handle gets soaked during a hike, make sure you dry it out back at camp.
What Can Opinel Knives Be Used For?
Although they're marketed as hunting knives, Opinel blades actually have plenty of functional uses. They can be used as a peeler for fruit and vegetables. They can gut fish and cut meat for recipes. They can even be used for foraging or to help trim thin branches when gardening.
What are the Different Opinel Knife Sizes?
Opinel knives range from No. 2 to No. 12 sizes. The No. 2 size is the smallest option, with the blade measuring 3.5cm and the handle at 4.5cm. On the other end of the scale, the No. 12 Opinel knife has a 12cm blade with a 16cm handle.