Browse our range of Kenluck camping cook equipment and accessories right here, including the popular Kenluck Mini Grill BBQ! High-quality, trusted cooking gear for all your outdoor needs.

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Kenluck Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Here at Wood To Water, we stock the renowned Kenluck Mini

Grill BBQ that's used and loved by outdoor enthusiasts of all types, from campers to hikers and more.

It's the perfect on-the-go portable BBQ that's incredibly lightweight and easy to transport, so you can pack it into your bag and head straight out into the wild.

This mini charcoal grill is a fantastic alternative to using disposable BBQs, as you can use it time and again, saving you money and reducing your waste.

With clever design features, like the telescopic charcoal bowl with built-in air vents and folding capability, it's an incredibly versatile piece of cooking equipment that'll allow you to cook up some great meals.

Shop the Kenluck Mini Grill Today

If you want a truly lightweight option for cooking outdoors, then the Kenluck Mini Grill is the perfect choice.

Discover your perfect outdoor cook equipment right here at Wood To Water!

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Where Can You Use the Kenluck Mini Grill?

The Kenluck Mini Grill BBQ is a great option for a whole range of outdoor activities, including camping and hiking, as well as day trips to the beach or lake and for outdoor picnics. You could even use it at home if you don't have access to a regular BBQ.

Do You Leave the Air Vents Open When Starting a Charcoal Grill?

The air vents should be open when you are setting up your grill and lighting the charcoal. When you open the vents, the fire will burn hotter and quicker, so bear this in mind when you are cooking your food.

How Long Should You Let Charcoal Burn Before Using It?

You should leave the charcoal to burn for around 15 to 20 minutes before you start cooking your food. Once the charcoal looks grey, it should be ready to use.

Are Disposable BBQs Bad for the Environment?

Many disposable BBQs aren't recyclable, so they end up in landfill or are burned, releasing harmful fumes. Reusing a charcoal grill like the Kenluck Mini Grill is far better for the environment and is much more cost-effective, too.