Gear Aid

Stay prepared and beat the elements with Gear Aid camping repair and maintenance products! At Wood To Water, we stock a superb range of tent repair kits and tools for mending your other outdoor equipment from this quality camping brand, so you can stay out and explore longer.

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Our selection of Gear Aid products includes some of the best kits and tools for keeping your camp gear performing at its best.

We have an array of tent repair kits and tools for mending all sorts of damage or wear and tear, including vinyl repair tape, seam sealers, tent patches, fabric tape, adhesives and small repair kits. They're ideal for packing into your bag to have a backup in case of unexpected damage and carry on with your camping trip.

On top of that, we also stock a range of other helpful maintenance and repair items, like shoe repair adhesive for keeping your shoes and footwear sturdy and fabric repair patches for fixing tears on almost any fabric surface. You can camp with confidence knowing you have all the essential repair items – just in case!

Explore our range of Gear Aid repair tools for keeping your outdoor gear and equipment in top condition, so you can keep on enjoying your adventures!

After all, you can never be too prepared!


What is the best way to repair a ripped tent?

Depending on the severity of the tear, you can repair your tent using tape, glue or a sealant. Gear Aid's Tenacious Repair Tape is ideal for quick and easy vinyl repairs, while Gear Aid Seam Grip Silicone Tent Sealant is great for waterproofing and mending tears in tent fabric.

What kind of glue can I use on a tent?

You need to use glue that's waterproof and will hold in extreme conditions. Gear Aid offers an array of waterproof glues, such as the Waterproof Sealant Seam Grip, which can be used for patching holes, repairing tears and sealing seams in outdoor fabrics.

What is Tenacious tape?

Gear Aid Tenacious tape is a very strong type of tape that's used to repair camping gear quickly and easily. It's available in multiple forms, from rolls and peel-and-stick patches to iron-on patches and has a waterproof coating that will remain firmly in place in most weather conditions. It adheres to a range of surfaces, including nylon, vinyl, neoprene and plastic.

How long does Tenacious tape last?

Tenacious tape should last a couple of years on minor repairs – it's designed to be very strong and long-lasting. When you need to replace your tape, simply peel it off and apply a new piece.