Feuerhand lanterns

At the heart of Feuerhand is the story of two brothers, Wilhelm and Albert Feuerhand, who started the company back in 1893.

The Lanterns they designed and manufactured were some of the most innovative and well-made of their time, and their products soon became known around the world for their quality.

Today, Feuerhand continue to produce high-quality lanterns and fuel solutions, with a focus on providing safe and reliable products that will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for a lantern that is built to last, then Feuerhand is a brand you can trust.

Feuerhand Baby Special 276 Hurricane Lantern

Feuerhand has been producing outdoor lanterns since 1893, so you can expect thorough research, design and quality throughout their range.

The light they provide is impressive, with a clear and bright beam that illuminates the area around you well.

The Feuerhand Baby Special 276 is a great choice for outdoor use because it’s made of galvanized steel and has been corrosion-resistant. They come in many colours, which makes sitting around after dark much more enjoyable!

The Schott Suprax glass protects your flame from windy conditions or bad weather while also providing 20-hour light before needing replacement–a really long time when you are out there without electric lights everywhere as well!

If you’re looking for a quality outdoor lantern – then Wood to Water would recommend the Feuerhand brand. Their products are safe, reliable and built to last – perfect for when you need light in the great outdoors.