Earn Money with Wood to Water Outdoors


Want to earn some Extra Money on your youtube / Instagram page? Now you can.

No need to post or sell simply list your own personal link any clicks through that end up in a purchase we will pay you 5% of the Ex VAT price when you reach £20 or more. Sales must be completed within 1 week of clicking on your link to register as commission sales. If the customer has blocked website cookies sadly this orders will not register.

All you need to do is post your personal referral link we will handle all shipping/customer service its that simple.

How and when do you get paid?

You can check your status by going to your overview this can also be found at the top of your My Account page

When you reach at least £20 you can email us and ask for a withdrawal This can be made by either Paypal or Bank Transfer or if you wish we will add an extra 10% and issue as store credit!  Store Credits are issued in 1-2 Working days and payments are issued within 3-4 Working days.


How to Sign up?

Step 1)

Register for a Wood To Water account here

Step 2) Drop us an email here Let us know the email you signed up with and where you plan to advertise including any youtube / Facebook / Instagram Links.

Step 3) Await for us to email you to say account has been activated normally 1-2 Working day.

How to get your personal link and start earning.

It’s Simple

You can either enter a generic link to our website with your personal link or direct to a product.

Making a Generic Link.

Go to the Generate link page here at the top of the page this will show you a link direct to the website.

Please be make sure the Number is your own custom link not the below.

Earn money with wood to water outdoors




Making a Direct Product Link. (advised)

There are two ways to complete this action

  1. Generate Link  Find the product you are wanting to advertise and paste it in the link generator

Below we show you how to do it. For this example we want to generate a link for a JetBoil Flash Camo

You will find the link at the top of the page.

Earn money with wood to water outdoors



This shows this link


Paste this in the Link Generator

Earn money with wood to water outdoors






Click Generate then copy

Link example


Option 2)

As per step 1 Find the URL (web link) of the product you would like to link to and then add the below code after the final /

?ref=4 Where you are changing the 4 to your unique marketing code.

Getting sales tips

Want some ideas on how to generate some extra income from your Social Media channels?

Here are a few ideas.


Got a Youtube / Instagram / Facebook / Blog page?

Talking about a product in your post about something that is for sale on Wood To Water?


Doing a Post about the DD Frontline Hammock – Olive Green and how to set it up or using it on a trip?

Why not post something like this in the comments?

” Want to get your own DD Frontline hammock like in this post / Video?  Why not check out this link to get your own. “https://www.woodtowater.co.uk/product/dd-frontline-hammock-olive-green/?ref=yourid”