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Cooking With Confidence: How Cast Iron Cookware Became an Industry Standard

Cooking with cast iron petromax

Durable, versatile, and very much in vogue. Cast iron cookware can sometimes appear a little bit intimidating to some – its weight alone can scare off some suitors – but there’s a clear reason why kitchens worldwide prefer to cook with cast iron as opposed to steel.

The creation of cast iron cooking products is wholly unique and leaves users with a rich and strong product that can perform its duties again and again over extremely long periods of time.

Speaking to NBC, renowned US chef Michael Gulotta confirmed that “cast iron products last a lifetime. They’re naturally non-stick when properly maintained, and hold their heat evenly no matter what surface you’re cooking on.”

Notably, the versatility of cast iron products is still largely unrecognised. When it comes to cooking, cast iron is often solely associated with the searing of steaks. While the thermal density of cast iron is capable of keeping it hotter all over for longer – making it perfect for steaks – its potential extends way beyond the world of red meats:

Entering The World of Cast Iron Cookware

The significance of cast iron cooking products is that they’re all cast from molten steel and iron, and our PetroMax cast iron cookware is no different. While non-cast iron cookware is made from lighter materials like aluminium and stainless steel, cast iron products are capable of withstanding incredible levels of heat and are virtually indestructible.

Dutch Ovens have become synonymous with cast iron cooking over time. Consisting of a deep pot made from cast iron, Dutch Ovens are excellent for cooking food while on-the-go or camping. PetroMax cast iron Dutch Ovens have been lovingly crafted with a pre-seasoned finish for immediate use – so if you’re looking to go camping, you can simply pack your oven up and take it with you.

Cast iron cooking isn’t just limited Dutch Ovens, and plenty of products, from pans to skillets and bakeware, can be crafted from the material for great results.

Weighing Up The Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware

We’ve already looked at the excellent durability of cast iron Dutch Ovens and cookware, but cast products carry a wide range of benefits that have ultimately led them to become the favoured choice of cookware around the world.

Firstly, if well seasoned, cast iron cookware can be easier to clean than their steel counterparts. Their greater thermal density also ensures that the metal becomes comprehensively hotter for longer.

Significantly, cooking in cast iron can add valuable iron into your mealtimes. Cast iron also comes as cheaper to buy than enamelled cast iron but maintains a significantly high level of quality.

Contrary to what some believe, cast iron cookware is much more versatile than simply products to aid the cooking of steaks and red meat – with a variety of bakeware and griddles available.

The Cons of Cast Iron

While there are certainly plenty of advantages associated with embracing cast iron products in the kitchen, there are some disadvantages to be aware of. Due to its density, cast iron can take longer to heat up than stainless steel. It’s also notably heavier to operate.

Bare cast iron products may also need re-seasoning before use and might not be effective for boiling water or cooking with acidic food.

Ultimately, cast iron cooking products have operated as an industry standard for generations of restaurant owners. Today high quality cast iron goods are more accessible than ever, and companies like PetroMax are striving to supply cost-effective high-quality cast iron cookware to more budding chefs both outside of restaurants and homes altogether – with highly effecting and great quality camping and outdoor-ready Dutch Ovens, skillets and grills.

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