Morakniv Companion – The Super Sharp Swedish Stainless Steel Workhorse

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Blog provided by 3f UL Gear apologies for any Chinglish and poor translation. We will aim to redo this in our own words in the future. 

Many people asked me whether seam-seal the Lanshan tent with silicone glue is a must. My answer is that it depends on the situation. If you buy a non-PRO version, you don’t need to apply glue, because it has been taped in the factory and has the high-performance waterproof ability. If you buy the PRO version which is made by 2 side silicone coated Nylon, Congratulations, you will get a new skill!

This method works for any silicone ultralight tent. Not limited to Lanshan tent.

You can find something like a syringe in the package go from the Lanshan Pro, which is the best gluing tool for ordinary people we can find. Although it does not necessarily have the simplest operation, but the result must be the nicest looking.


This is a reliable glue. Although it doesn’t dry fast, it’s easy to buy. If you have a better choice, please tell us and we will recommend it to other hikers.


In this official instruction of glue, the way they apply glue is to use a small brush to smear the seam, which is also done by most people, but we do not recommend this method because it is very difficult to operate, in the end your beautiful tent will become like this:

believe it will ruin your good mood all day and curse our tent.


Our suggestion is to use the syringe we sent with the tent. The specific operation method is shown in the video below:


Sorry its chinese! but you will get the drift. English Version just below.



In English

First of all, you should set up the tent in your backyard. It must be full pitched and tighten.

After that, squeeze the glue into the syringe. According to experience, if your handicraft is good, half a tube of glue is enough. We don’t recommend applying a lot of glue, because it will increase the tent weight.

Before sealing, firstly is to make sure where need sealing. The positions that must be sealing marked with red, the optional sealing area marked with yellow, and the area that no need seam sealing showing as black. We do not recommend seal all seams, because that will increase the weight.

The operation can be carried out from top to bottom. Hold the syringe in one hand, the other hand hold waist for stability. Apply the glue evenly along the seam. In the black UHMWPE patch area, apply it with your fingers after coating to form a thin layer of glue. Remember wipe your finger with papers after that.

If you are a DIYer, it not a big thing! If not, this DIY experience will open up a new world for you.


After all seams are sealed, don’t hurry to package the tent. According to the performance of different glue, you need to let it dry for 1-12 hours.


In conclusion, If you feel that you are not good at DIY or a perfectionist, you can choose to seal only the red area, so that Lanshan Pro can also withstand in the storm.


Finally, if you have a better seam sealing method, please tell us to benefit more people.

The Morakniv Companion I’m going to start this review by saying that I love this knife – Its one of the best I have owned and it has to be the cheapest as well! That is not to say that this review is going to be biased – I’m going to give you the facts and let you know exactly what iv been up to with this product so that you can judge for yourself if this is the right companion for you – for transparency I purchased this knife with my own money.

I have had this knife now for just over 6 months and have taken it on several camping trips (New Forest, Lake District, Pembrokeshire) as well as used it a couple of times a week almost as an EDC knife – Not on my person but its normally lurking in my kit bag. I chose the orange model as I felt it would stop me losing it (I’m a nightmare for losing knives) and as I didn’t need it to look “Tacticool” orange seemed like a good choice for me. Morakniv offers a range of other colour options if orange is not your bag – including Anthracite, Black, Cerise, Desert, Green, Light Blue, Military Green and Navy Blue. 

The knife comes with a polymer sheath that locks the knife into place nice and securely – there is a small notch on the top of the sheath that helps you drive the knife out with your thumb and also helps with reindexing. The sheath features a single drainage hole at the end to stop the build-up of water around the blade in wetter condition. The sheath can be belt-mounted as it comes with a moulded belt attachment (for right-handed mounting only) and also a hanging point if you wanted to hang it on a peg or nail for example. I have mounted mine in my day bags side pocket and used some zip ties to secure it in place through the molle straps. This means if my bag is on the floor and I need to grab it out it’s very easy to draw and the sheath stays in place but I don’t have to carry it around on my person when on the campsite or at the yard etc.

The knife itself is very nicely put together. Its lightweight (at only 1170g) but still has a sturdy feel with no wobble or movement in any of the components even after 6 months of daily use. The handle is very comfortable to hold with a good profile and is rubberized (TPE-rubber) to help retains grip even in very wet conditions. 

The blade is exceptionally sharp when you get this knife. When it arrived I could very easily shave the hair off the back of my hand with almost no pressure at all. After 6 months of the use, the blade appears to have not lost any of its razor’s edge. I have used the knife everyday stuff such as bailing twine, 550 cord, leather straps, packing straps and even prepare food on a campsite (potatoes, peppers, onions, nuts etc). The blade is constructed from stainless steel and carries the marks of Morakniv, Made in Sweden and stainless on the right side.

The Sizes:

  • Blade length – 100mm
  • Blade thickness – 2.4mm
  • Blade Width – 20mm
  • Handle length – 120mm
  • Handle thickness – 21mm
  • Handle width – 30mm
  • Overall length when in its sheath – 234mm

The Tech Specs:

  • Advised Usage – Bushcraft, Construction, Fishing, Outdoor
  • Knife type – All-round
  • Steel Type – Stainless
  • Weight – 1170g

The conclusion:
This knife would be great for anyone looking for a “no-frills” workhorse that they can throw in their kit bag or truck and know that when they need it, it’s going to be razor-sharp and ready to go every time. This would also be a very good knife for a younger person who is looking to get into bushcraft as the including plastic sheath makes it very safe to transport and use. 

Another great feature of this knife is the price – I purchased mine from Wood to Water for £11.99 with free shipping (due to a promotion at the time of purchase – At this price point, it makes it almost disposable – If I used the knife for 8 to 12 months and trashed it trying to leaver something open (or some other task that is not really meant to be done with a knife) then it would not be too bad to have to buy a replacement, however, if I would have purchased a Buck knife for £70 to £100 that would be a very costly mistake!

This Swedish Stainless Steel workhorse will always have a place in my kit bag… even in high viz orange!

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