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5 Survival Hacks you need to know

1. Ring pull fishing hook – If you are caught out in the wild with very limited supplies, food and water are going to be on the top of your list. If you have (or can find) an old can you can use the ring pull as an improvised fishing hook. Simply use your multitool to snip one half of the ring pull open, bend it around and sharpen it to a point. Attach your line to the other loop and you have your fishing hook.


Ring pull fishing hook

2. Water Collection – Water is at the top of the list when you are in a survival situation. What better way to collect it than to harvest what is already around you. Using any waterproof fabric and a container you can very easily make a water collection point to harvest rainwater. Even with a light drizzle, you can collect a decent amount of drinking water.

Gather water from tent tarp

3. Fire and warmth are going to be the next think on your list after food and water. Starting a fire can sometimes be tricky – Tinder can help you get the job underway! Tinder can be hard to find if you are in a survival type situation – especially if you are in a wet environment. “Look to your feet!” – Your socks can be a great place to look for tinder, both wool and cotton are flammable and once you have picked the lint from your stock this can give a nice ball of tinder. Throw on some sparks and you are good to go. Another good option can be dried foods such as Doritos – These will take a spark well and will give you a good fire starter that also doubles as food!


Dorito fire starter

4. Natural Mosquito repellent – Want to keep the mosquitoes at bay when you are in your camp of an evening. Burning natural herbs can really help – if you can find Mint, Pine needles or Thyme. It has been proving that burning these releases scents into the air that puts off the little pests. Peppermint is especially good in humans as well for clearing your Nasal Passages – two uses in one!


Mosquito repellent plants

5. Key Saw – If you are in the wild then chances are you are going to have some kind of key one you – did you know you can use the small serrated teeth on the key as an improvised saw for cutting small notches in branches to make things like traps and snares.

Use key as saw

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