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5 essential tips if you are camping solo for the first time


With restrictions on international travel this year, camping has become more popular than ever as an option for people to have a few nights away from home. Camping on your own is hugely liberating; it gives you a sense of adventure and a chance for total peace and relaxation in the great outdoors. If you’re considering camping on your own for the first time, make sure you read through our top tips for an enjoyable, and most importantly, safe trip.

1) Share your itinerary

Always tell someone where you are going, how you can be contacted and when you should be home. It may seem excessive if you are only planning to camp for one night, but if you did find yourself in any trouble, it’s key that someone knows where you are.

2) Pack as light as possible

Even with a good quality backpack or snugpak to carry your belongings, it can still be heavier than you think once you have walked a few miles. Only pack the absolute essentials and when it comes to your food supplies, consider packets of noodles or cous cous that are lighter than tins of food. They will still make a tasty meal when you are camp cooking in the evening!

3) Do a practice run

If it is your first time wild camping and outdoor cooking, have a practice run at home in your garden! There’s nothing worse than heading off for a relaxed break to lose time and get frustrated with not being able to get your equipment to work. Instead of struggling with a tent on your own, consider taking a hammock which is light to carry and easy to put up by yourself.

4) Remember emergency essentials

Make sure you pack plenty of water (a DD Water Bladder is a great space saver for water) and remember lighting. A head torch will be the most practical option if you are on your own. Plan to arrive at your destination in daylight so you can check the ground and surroundings before you set up camp (and you can enjoy the sunset!) but don’t forget it will be very dark once the sun goes down without street lamps and car lights.

5) Enjoy and relax!

Don’t overdo your first trip; one night is plenty! Also, don’t plan a 10 mile hike if you’ve never walked it before! Take a great book and enjoy the tranquillity of sleeping under the stars instead.

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